1/144 Neo Zeong

The big guy is complete! But where to put him? He’s too big for my desk and I don’t think he’ll fit on my high shelves. While I think on where he’s going to go, let’s take some photos!TGN_9522-Edit TGN_9523-Edit TGN_9525-Edit TGN_9527 TGN_9528 TGN_9530 TGN_9531 TGN_9534 TGN_9536 TGN_9537But where’s the Sinanju you ask? Well, I’m waiting on getting some metal parts in for it, so I’ve not started on it yet.

7 thoughts on “1/144 Neo Zeong”

  1. Wow. Truly amazing. It lacks a driver but still this is awesome. Now all you need is two unicorns 😀

  2. Love your work! I also recently just built the same model(my first ever Gundam build too! haha xD) and you have just inspired me to start painting and customizing mine :D, also I can’t wait to see your completed sinanju with the metal parts!

  3. Thanks! Painting is the bit I enjoy the most. NZ for a first Gundam is pretty extreme. I think the first one I built was the MG RX-78 v1.5, which is a little smaller 🙂 I’ve got to chase up about the metal parts kit for the Sinanju and see when it’s going to be available.

  4. Hey anyword for the metal parts haha, also a quick question with painting do you use primer at all? thanks in advance 😀

  5. Nope. No word on the metal parts. Yes I use primer. I like the Alclad primers – Gloss black, grey and white depending on the colour I’ll be painting or what effect I wish to achieve.

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