1/48 Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

Although I finished the Eagle Transporter a few weeks back, it has taken me some time to get set up again to take nice photos of my models.A001_C001_0403T9_001-Edit Although I had a frustrating time with some of the build, the end result is really quite stunning.A001_C006_04038R_001It certainly helps that the Eagle is an iconic space ship design, and a design you could almost believe would really work and function as a transporter around a real moon base. A001_C005_0403VW_001-Edit-Recovered copy-Edit The kit is a very accurate reproduction at 1/2 scale of the 44″ studio models used in the making of the TV series Space 1999.A001_C010_0403CS_001 Due to the plot of the TV series crashing Eagles every week, and the moon being covered in dust, the Eagles were not shown pristine and clean, so I used a moderate amount of weathering, and I’m very happy with how that came out. I really like the undersides of the shoulder pods and how they show more wear than the upper surfaces.A001_C011_0403GB_001 I magnetized the beak section to make it easily removable so you can see the pilots.A001_C012_04030V_001The whole front beak section comes off too! A001_C013_0403YU_001 I always liked the red-striped rescue passenger pod, and given the stark colour scheme of the rest of the kit, it also adds a fair bit of much needed colour.A001_C014_0403NY_001 I made the pod removable by putting magnets in the roof and in the spine.A001_C020_04036U_001 The pod has great details, and I’m very happy with how the masked panels show through on the red stripes.A001_C021_0403TX_001 Of course, painting the red stripes took forever to get the masking right, but it was worth it.A001_C016_040335_001 There are details everywhere on this kit! I went quite conservative on the painted panels on the pods and engines. They’re a little more visible in real life, but they blend in so nicely without being distracting, yet still break up on the monotony of white that I’m very happy with how they came out.A001_C017_0403X5_001 From every angle, this kit impresses.A001_C018_0403X3_001-Edit From below you get to see the thrusters and the details on the landing gear.A001_C019_0403J0_001Can’t really say too much more other than how happy I am with how this kit came out!

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  1. Wow, this really brings back memories.
    Think the amount of “tuning” you had to do with this kit paid off.
    Great job, and I love the starkness of the overall finish.

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