1/60 PG Unicorn

First a note on the decals. I’m using some 3rd party ones because this wonderful kit only ships with stickers. For Bandai to only put stickers in the box rather than additionally including proper water-slide decals is just not right. Yes, I know you can get them with the P-Bandai Full Armor upgrade pack, but really that’s not good enough. Are you listening Bandai??A003_C053_06041V_001This kit looks awesome. It’s large, it’s well put together with great mechanical operation that’s actually quite stable. Many of these shots feature extra illumination with a UV flashlight. The psychoframe glows nicely with UV light and the LED upgrade pack uses UV LEDs for that purpose. I painted many details in fluorescent paint to give the effect of extra lights in the kit. A003_C042_06043G_001 A003_C043_060439_001 A003_C044_0604FA_001 A003_C046_0604V3_001From behind you see all the trailing cables for the LED lighting system. A003_C045_0604YP_001 For some reason I really love these knee joints and how all the extra work I did with the masking came out.A003_C050_0604C2_001 A003_C047_0604RV_001 A003_C077_0604JI_001 A003_C051_0604LI_001 The weapons are not that much different from scaled-up MG versions. There’s no fancy inner frame or an over-abundance of little parts to avoid you having to mask everything for painting.A003_C060_06045B_001 A003_C061_06040J_001 The magazine is such a simple part, but looks so good!A003_C063_0604R8_001 A003_C065_0604SP_001 A003_C062_0604BD_001 A003_C066_06049Y_001 A003_C067_0604CG_001 A003_C068_0604GX_001 The shield is perhaps the simplest section of this entire kit. A003_C072_0604DM_001 A003_C071_0604O7_001 Like the rest of the kit, there’s great detail on the backpack that responds well to masking to add colour differentiation.A003_C074_0604P1_001 A003_C075_06047L_001 A003_C076_0604OW_001 A003_C082_0604Y3_001 I’m pleased I took pictures of the pilot and cockpit before assembly as you can hardly see them at all once assembled.A003_C085_0604VZ_001 Now time for the transformation. I’ve not had that much luck with transforming kits, and this one was hard, but doable. I followed the instructions through step-by-step, separating the chest from the waist to make things a bit easier.A few pieces were a little stiff on the chest and arms, but the legs and feet worked very well indeed. I was a bit worried about the head, but that too went smoothly.A003_C132_0604TU_001 Then, of course, it was time to add the weapons. I like how the gatling guns attached to the arm, with the shield locking them nicely in place.A003_C050_0604C2_001-Edit Before and after on the leg transform.A003_C149_06041A_001 A003_C146_0604EH_001B So much detail in this view.A003_C142_0604GY_001 It’s quite a mean looking Gundam when transformed!A003_C143_0604HH_001 A003_C134_0604N1_001 A003_C131_060431_001 A003_C128_0604HX_001 Ah, but what does he look like with the main lights off?A003_C100_0604PZ_001 Yeah, it’s out of focus, but I liked it!A003_C092_0604DR_001-Edit A003_C139_06043E_001 A003_C116_060408_001B A003_C112_0604RN_001 A003_C105_06041L_001B A003_C102_0604M3_001 A003_C098_0604PI_001 A003_C096_06043B_001 A003_C094_0604X8_001 A003_C087_0604QL_001B A003_C093_0604MO_001

13 thoughts on “1/60 PG Unicorn”

  1. It really looks beautiful, you did an amazing job ! I am curious about that blue / phosphorescent paint you use for small details around the knees for example. What was that paint ?

    1. Thanks, still it’s your best work so far, I love how clean and precise you work ! Your Sazabi was stunning (I love what you do with the metal part) but this one is one level higher even ! Congrats !

  2. Clean and precise is very hard, especially on what is essentially and all-white suit. I’ve had a bit of a hard time with white in the past, but it does seem that with care, it can look very good. I was never that happy with the MG Unicorn I did a couple of years back, but for the PG I took the best ideas that I had from the MG and really took my time.

    I’d be keen to get your feedback on my latest build, for which I’ve been experimenting with some very heavy weathering techniques, making it a real change for me, and fortunately a very enjoyable one!

  3. This is awesome! I love the GN particle idea. One question: Where did you get your decals? The only 3rd party ones I can find are on ebay and they don’t look that great..

  4. I got the decals from Samuel Decal. They were ok, but not as good as they could have been. I’d have preferred the proper Bandai ones, but although the kit is labeled as “Perfect Grade”, Bandai seemed to forget that when they included stickers instead. Of course, the P-Bandai Full Armor pack has the water slides, but that was not something I wanted to build making it a rather expensive way of getting the decals.

  5. Thanks Josh! I’m really happy how it came out, especially because I was never completely pleased with how my Unicorn MG looked. I’m also look forwards to some peace and calm and a reduction of new-baby chaos here so I can start making more cool models.

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