Gatling Sazabi

Next up was to get the gatling guns working on Sazabi. I’d seen it done with some pictures online, so I knew it was possible to make it fit…. But you never really know until you try it for yourself. Here’s how it looks and I’ll post the “how to” pictures at the end later.TGN_2612 TGN_2613 TGN_2616 TGN_2617 TGN_2619 TGN_2620

So now onto how the attachment works. It’s quite simple…DSC03358This is my test fitting to see how it will work. I’m using the stand mounting point on the back of the mech.DSC03359Here in close up you can see how the Action Base mounting point clips securely on the mech, and gives just enough distance to make the arms go around where the backpack will be. DSC03360 The black piece from the action base has a large round peg. The mounting point of the arms is hexagonal and smaller. I filed down the circular peg into a hex shape until it fit tightly, then superglued it in place.DSC03361 DSC03362 DSC03363

4 thoughts on “Gatling Sazabi”

  1. This is superb, congratulations on a marvelous job. Hadn’t seen the Sazabi with the decals yet. Gatling looked awesome, they tie in really well.

  2. I’m really happy with how its come out. It’s tricky to pose now with the added weight, and the fuel containers are tricky to keep in place. I may have another go at refining the connector tomorrow, or I may not push the concept any further as it’s working and I don’t want to break things.

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