LBX Hyper Ifreet

LBX Hyper Ifreet has got to be the kit that I’ve had the most fun with in ages. It’s a lovely kit, well designed, great looking, not too small, good articulation and an amazingly fun build.A005_C001_1023E6_001And effects parts! The fists of fire look great, although they’re a touch tricky to install over the hands. Once they’re on they’re pretty sturdy though. A005_C003_1023DH_001 And the tail, the tail that gave me so much bother with the masking! But its worthwhile when you see the end result.A005_C005_1023C8_001 It’s a stable kit. The large feet make it stand well.A005_C006_1023PZ_001And the details and colour separation are wonderful. The chest and head are made up of so many layers of plastic, and that’s the fun part of the build. A005_C007_1023IX_001 Because of the layers, the chest colours came out great. It’s so nice how some small sections are on separate runners to aid with the painting, and how in the assembly you get some small grey parts just poking though.A005_C008_1023XJ_001 On the arms you can easily see the multi-layered armour approach to the build.A005_C009_1023O8_001 A005_C010_102330_001 A005_C011_10239D_001 I don’t quite know what to call the purple things coming out the back, but they’re a nice soft flexible plastic and securely snap into place.A005_C012_1023QI_001 A005_C013_102357_001 There are only a few small decal stickers with the kit. They go on the arm and leg armour and are a good guide to mark which way around the parts go should you remove the armour and wish to replace it. The other location for the stickers are for the effects parts on the shoulders and back. The stickers are similar to what you get on RG Gundam kits, go on easily and have relatively invisible edges.A005_C014_1023JT_001 I’ve not written much about the paint finish yet, and it’s hard to see exactly how it looks in these pictures, but as it’s sitting here on my desk, it looks fantastic. I’m so happy with how the Createx iridescent crimson colour came out. It’s got a good finish, it stuck well to the undercoat, and the iridescent effect is not over the top, but adds a wonderful glow to the kit.A005_C017_1023U1_001 Now time to take the effects parts off and look at the rest of the armour on the kit.A005_C018_10238R_001The proportions are great. In the anime, the LBX Ifreet appears big, and perhaps it’s not quite as big as I’d expect, but it’s a good deal bigger than the other LBX kits we have. A005_C019_1023A6_001 A005_C020_1023BD_001 A005_C021_10236E_001 A005_C022_1023YN_001 A005_C023_1023YJ_001 A005_C024_1023PQ_001 A005_C025_1023UM_001 A005_C027_1023G8_001

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