Megami Device Assault / Scout part 2

Megami Device is a cute little kit. But that’s half the problem – it’s tiny!Stood next to the Bandai Stormtrooper  it’s just not that big, and whereas Stormy came in nice gloss injected white plastic, Megami is normal boring white plastic.  The movement on the kit is quite stiff. This is problematic because the peg that holds the gun in place came stuck. It’s also a problem for the hip joints which break as you put the legs on. Fortunately you can use one of the black runners to make a new hip joint that’s actually stronger than the original.And she’s a fair bit shorter than Stylet too! Stylet is a much nicer kit, and has much better proportions.

What’s most frustrating is that there’s almost, but not quite enough pieces in the kit to build two Megami girls. You get two sets of the skin tone, two heads, etc. With just a handful of extra pieces you could build one girl in armour and one without. But no. Those extra pieces stay in the box because they’re just there to give you choices and bump up the cost of the kit. Not clever.

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