Muv-Luv Alternative Shiranui Storm / Strike Vanguard part 5

I didn’t do the initial build and paint with the gripping hands, so I quickly followed through the very same procedure I used for the paint effects on the gripping hands. I was pleased the techniques continued to work rather than being a lucky fluke the first time around.A002_C001_07220Y_001_3Got to say I’m happy with how this wild experiment worked out! A002_C001_07220Y_001_5 So all I can do now is leave you with some more pictures to enjoy!A002_C001_07220Y_001_7 A002_C001_07220Y_001_9 A002_C001_07220Y_001_21 A002_C001_07220Y_001_23 A002_C002_072238_001_1 A002_C002_072238_001_3 A002_C002_072238_001_5 A002_C002_072238_001_7 A002_C002_072238_001_9 A002_C005_0722O0_001 A002_C006_0722Z5_001 A002_C008_0722FR_001 A002_C009_07227R_001 A002_C010_0722VB_001 A002_C011_0722UK_001 A002_C012_0722H1_001 A002_C013_0722VY_001 A002_C014_07228I_001 A002_C015_0722Q4_001 A002_C016_07228A_001 A002_C017_0722A9_001 A002_C018_0722FW_001 A002_C019_0722UX_001 A002_C020_07225Y_001 A002_C021_0722UM_001 A002_C022_0722IF_001 A002_C023_0722OM_001 A002_C024_072292_001 A002_C025_0722YS_001 A002_C026_0722HW_001 A002_C027_0722XA_001

5 thoughts on “Muv-Luv Alternative Shiranui Storm / Strike Vanguard part 5”

  1. It look pretty cool, specially some parts around the skirts are really well done ! I wonder why the left shoulder joint is clean though.
    I wonder also why the screws circled in black on the shoulder are cleaner than the rest. Just some small details but it looks good. It’s always hard to add some rust or any weathering effect without an environment ! Anyway I’m already looking for your next work

  2. The shoulder joint is clean because unless in this kind of pose, it’s not exposed to the elements. I tried to think about where the elements would interact with the armour and the scratches and rust would form. I guess I also thought because the screws are recessed they’d not get nocked enough to scratch and thus be susceptible to rusting.

  3. Honestly, I feel like you overdid the rust, yeah I understand you wanted it to look old and beaten up, but still… eh.
    Great work nontheless!

  4. A few months back I’d have been in complete agreement with you! Then I started researching military modelling techniques and looking more into how to really weather up a mech. I’d never been one for strong weathering, but once you get into it it’s an effect you can really enjoy doing, and gain an appreciation for.

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