PG Char’s Zaku II part 10 – Frame

I completed the frame and did an assembly. This kit has perhaps the most impressive inner frame of PG Gundams that I’ve built so far. There’s an immense amount of detail and good articulation. The only negative aspect are the feet which are lightweight and don’t have the strength or detail of the rest of the framework.TGN_0300 TGN_0301-2 TGN_0302-2 TGN_0303 TGN_0304 TGN_0305 TGN_0306 TGN_0307 TGN_0308 TGN_0309 TGN_0310 TGN_0311 TGN_0313 TGN_0314 TGN_0316 TGN_0317 TGN_0319 TGN_0320 TGN_0323 TGN_0324 TGN_0325 TGN_0326 TGN_0327 TGN_0328 TGN_0329 TGN_0332 TGN_0335 TGN_0336And here he is with the armour all laid out ready for stickers and assembly.

2 thoughts on “PG Char’s Zaku II part 10 – Frame”

  1. My friend, it SCREAMS of retro! 😀 Loving it so much that you did every bit of detail that could be done. Loving it even more that they did the kit that way so there’s a LOT of details for people who like to dive in and do all that can be done, make it a true perfect Perfect Grade. Just one question though, where’s Char? 😀 PGs don’t come with the driver of the suit?

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