PG Char’s Zaku II part 2

So after repairing the paint removed by the masking, I’ve been concetrating on shading and preparing new armour pieces.SAM_9940Here’s the first batch of armour pieces. They’ve been shaded with the airbus, and had some darker (just mixed in a drop of black and added a bit more thinner) edges and panel lines shaded in. I think the black edges was a little too much, so I backed it off by doing a light soft application of the original based paint (thinned slightly) over the centres of the pieces and the end result was great.SAM_9941 Here I’ve prepped up the next batch of pieces with base coat and the darker shade around the edges. It’s hard to see above, but the darker shade really rounds the pieces out and adds depth to them.SAM_9942 With the light application of the base colour in the centre of the sections, the end result is warm, has depth and roundness. I’m very happy, but perhaps I could take them one step further…SAM_9944I’d been itching to try the new Tamiya Weathering Master sets that I’d bought with my most recent Hobby Link Japan order. Here I’ve applied some “oil stain” around the edges and “light gun metal” to the sharp and raised edges and vents. The experiment worked so well I decided to apply similar weathering effects to the rest of the pieces I’d painted and shaded so far.SAM_9943 The weathering sets feel like dry brushing, but easier and less messy.SAM_9946Now that these pieces have had their weathering, I’ve added a very light top coat of Finish to seal the work in, and the next batch of parts is drying, waiting to being their shading and weathering.

I’m very excited how this model is looking. I think it’s going to be a good one!

I’ve continued on using the weathering sets to enhance the look of the Zaku II. I’m not going for a weathered to distress look, but to use the tones to enhance the visibility of the shapes and design of the model, to delineate sections more clearly and to add detail.


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  1. Hello fellow gunplar!
    How do you like those weathering sets? I’m curious if you find them satisfying enough to actually recommend them? Thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us! To me, nothing beats the old school. 🙂

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