PG Strike Freedom

PG Strike Freedom is what happens when Hobby Link Japan has a sale just before my birthday!DSC07248PG Strike Freedom is a large kit, and it’s hard to get a really good photo of it’s scale, and I’m going to need a larger backdrop if I try again!DSC07251The white armour was white Alclad undercoat, followed by transparent black shading and Createx Pearl white on top. The dark blue sections are Alclad Gunmetal with transparent blue on top, and the shiny metallic blue parts on the body, feet and wings are Alclad chrome with Tamiya clear blue on top. The red details are similarly done with Alclad chrome and Tamiya clear red on top.DSC07252Although the kit internals are gold, three kinds of gold plastic are used and only one looks “decent”. The rest are not really suitable for a model of this price and calibre, so I painted all the gold sections with Alclad pale gold.DSC07255 DSC07257 DSC07258The pale blue for the rail guns is built up by shading transparent blue over the white undercoat with Createx pearl white on top.


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