RG Strike Freedom

The little camera I keep in the craft room died, (but it’s in to get repaired) so I didn’t get many pictures of the RG Strike Freedom being built.

Something interesting happened though while I was doing an initial paint on the frame. I sprayed on the Alclad gloss black primer as normal, and then I started with the Alclad pale gold. Although gold paint came out, so did these cobwebs!DSC03056 DSC03054I painted the whole runner just because I didn’t want to waste the paint, but I had to wash the webs off after I’d first taken these photos.DSC03062 Fortunately the frame came out looking great. The base plastic gold colour is awful. Painting it is not an option, it’s essential.DSC03063 I added some small details with Tamiya clear orange.DSC03064 And here the frame waited for me to complete the paint job on the rest of the pieces.DSC03065 The coloured pieces got completed first, so I made up the backpack and wings. The wings always really disappointed me on the PG because they were so tricky, wouldn’t stay where you put them and fell apart under their own weight. No such issues on the RG which went together great.DSC03066 The light blue for the dragoons is done with Createx pearl blue. I used a white oil wash for the panel lines which really helps bring them out. The darker blue is a rather experimental combination: Tamiya gunmetal, Tamiya clear blue, Tamiya smoke, then Createx clear blue on top because the colour still wasn’t dark enough. The Createx clear blue went on slightly mottled and I love the effect.DSC03067 DSC03068 Moving rapidly along, here’s getting ready for assembly. I’ve added a lot of gold details by hand using the Gundam gold marker. What is light blue on the kit has been done with a candy coat of Alclad chrome with a top coat of Tamiya clear blue. It’s visually not too different looking from the dark blue layering effect I used above, but it’s different enough and I think the darker bolder blues fit in better with this kit. I was never too happy with the lighter blue I used on the PG.DSC03069 I’d ordered the special wings and stand, so here it is on my messy desk and lovely Ontario snow in the background.DSC03070And with stickers applied and all assembled. Since this shot was taken I’ve disassembled the sections and top coated a lot of the kit with flat coat, but I’ve left the torso and backpack shiny.

2 thoughts on “RG Strike Freedom”

  1. Two thumbs up, very nice colours as per usual. The wing effects kit gives a very good base for the main MS especially with the active Fin Funnels.

    That cobweb effect is wierd, is it to do with temperature/pressure of the sprayed paint?

  2. I’ll try and get some proper shots this evening, and then we’ll really see how it looks!

    I think the cobweb is from some contamination in the bottom of the Alclad paint bottle, but that’s just a guess.

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