RG Strike

RG Strike is such a great little kit. I’ve really enjoyed all the RG line that I’ve tried so far. This kit was made extra fun by buying the Skygrasper to go alongside it, although, quite frankly, more for the launcher pack for the Strike than the Skygrasper model itself.DSC07186

DSC07187I really wanted to go bold with the colour differentiation on this kit, so I used Payne’s Grey mixed with the white to produce the blue/grey and dark blue/grey “white” armour pieces.DSC07192The metallic blue is Createx pearl blue with Tamiya clear blue over the top, and the red sections were done similarly; Createx pearl red with Tamiya clear red over the top. I don’t like the Createx transparent red as like the pearl red, it’s a bit pink and not a nice deep red like the Tamiya.DSC07196The launcher pack is moulded green. Green! No, I don’t like how that looks, but I just loved the dark dark grey/blue made with the Payne’s Grey, and the use of the yellow on it still ends a feeling of “green” to the weapon without it actually being green.


TGN_0413 TGN_0414 TGN_0415 TGN_0418 TGN_0420 TGN_0421 TGN_0424 TGN_0425 TGN_0426 TGN_0427 TGN_0428 TGN_0430 TGN_0434 TGN_0435

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