VF-25F 1/72 Armored Messiah Alto Custom

I’m trying out some different lights on these shots. I wish I had somewhere I could permanently set up the right lights and backdrop, but at the moment I’m still just using the projector screen for the smooth white backdrop.TGN_9231So here’s the Armored Messiah in Gerwalk mode, fully kitted out with all the attachments, armour, missile pods and reactive missiles. I tried to follow the instructions to first build into the plane mode, but it wasn’t going to happen. There was no way I was going to be able to lock the legs into place without breaking something.TGN_9237This is one kit where I’m happy it comes with a nice action base. The design with the SMS logo is great, and ties in nicely to the kit. TGN_9239Everywhere on the kit is highly detailed and articulated. The wing pods were bit tricky to slide into place, but once they’re in position there’s a small part that locks them in. There’s a few dark grey pieces that lock the legs in place for Gerwalk mode, and that form the model support for the stand.TGN_9246In many ways, this is what the VF1 kit should have been like. It’s much larger (even though they’re both 1/72) and hence the build is less fiddly and it all goes together smoother. That said, the transform is still so tight that it’s a nightmare to get the pieces positioned correctly. That doesn’t matter too much if you just set yourself the goal of going for your favourite mode and keeping the kit in that position.

The colours came out really bold, and I like it! The metallic blue is delicious and goes so well with the shiny red and brass.

There are decals on practically every surface. For the most part they went on well, and they do add to the kit, although there’s a good many that you’ll never see depending on what pose you let the kit rest in, and some you’ll never see because they’re under the armour.

This is a great kit and it was so much more enjoyable than my experience with the VF-1. I don’t think I’ll be building any more Macross kits soon, but at least I now have a decent looking Valkyrie for my shelf!TGN_9248I grabbed the macro lens for some close-ups of the incredible amount of detail on this kit. TGN_9249Yes, the purple is a bit bold, but it works. I love the shade of purple from Tamiya, and it was great to be able to use it on this kit. TGN_9250I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love missile pods. It’s good that the piece that has all the missiles is separate so you can get a better paint job on it. TGN_9251 TGN_9252The sniper rifle came out well, and the hand-painted purple details look seamless. TGN_9253 Missile pods open!TGN_9254When you get in close there’s just such an abundance of detail. That’s what attracted me to this kit in the first place – that, and that the finished kit was a decent size. TGN_9256 TGN_9257 TGN_9259 TGN_9261 TGN_9262 TGN_9263I broke out another light from my light kit and tried that this morning. I think it’s the winner. What do you think? The photos below were all taken with the new light.TGN_9265 TGN_9266 TGN_9267 TGN_9274 TGN_9277 TGN_9278

8 thoughts on “VF-25F 1/72 Armored Messiah Alto Custom”

  1. Absolutely bananas, love it!!! And missle pods as well 😀
    The bold colours make a statement, but I could equally see you doing a more traditional navy/airforce colour scheme and it being equally as good.
    The shoes are still excellent btw.

    Sorry for sounding like #1 fanboy.

  2. Looking very nice, great work on it! Been eye’ing this kit too for the pile! Do you know if you can build this without the armor, as in just the standard non-armored version or is the armor that heavily built into the design it can’t be built without it?

    1. It comes with many un-used armour pieces on the runners so you might be able to build it without the extra armour. The extra armour is built into the design rather than as additional pieces, so I doubt it’d be an easy swap-replace. You may have to just decide which to build.

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