Victoria Day

So for those of you not in Canada, it’s Victoria Day so the kids are off school and needing something to do. There’s always things they could be doing like tidying up, and to encourage that I told them they needed to have their desks in the craft room all cleaned up.DSC04646And my sneaky plan worked. The desks are cleaner than I’ve seen them in ages!  The kits I’d got for them are Hoi Hoi San Mini, and Pokemon Black and White Kyruem. DSC04647 DSC04648 DSC04649 DSC04650 DSC04651 Hoi Hoi San Mini is a similar build to the larger Hoi Hoi San, which means it’s quite tricky to get the hair right on the head. I had to help a little with some glue and strength to get the pieces right into place.DSC04652 DSC04653 Again, like the larger Hoi Hoi San, it’s really cute!DSC04654 The Kyruem kits are quite the largest Pokemon kits we’ve seen so far, and nicely detailed although like the rest of the range quite reliant on stickers.DSC04658 DSC04659 Yup, the completed Hoi Hoi San mini is really cute!DSC04660 DSC04661 And you get a mini-mini too. Only 4 pieces and pre-painted which makes it quick and easy to assemble.DSC04662 DSC04663The gun has yet to be built, so we’ll see how the finished model looks later! The Kyruem kits are still in progress and we’ll return to them as they move towards completion.

And soon after I typed the above paragraph, White Kyruem was completed. He’d had a problem with a broken wing that we’d fixed with a dab of plastic glue and because the break was ragged, a good firm joint was made by the glue and it seems pretty strong.DSC04674 The red transparent effects pieces are a touch tricky to get in but I helped and got them firmly attached. They just require a touch of force to snap in.DSC04676 It’s a great looking figure when complete!DSC04677 And she’s proud of her completed kit. Well done!DSC04678

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