What’s next?

So coming up I’ll be building the Akatsuki. I really enjoyed this mech in the anime, even though we really didn’t see too much (or enough) of it.

In the meantime I’ll be taking some more photos – MG Sinanju, 1/60 Freedom and I might even grab my old RX78 and Zaku II. The Zaku II was painted with oil paints, by hand, with hand shading so it’s a “bit different” looking to the other models. I should also grab some great shots of the Tamiya Caterham 7, which is just such a fabulous model kit I’d recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in that car. It’s a terrifically involved and complex build, the end result was so fulfilling it was worth every penny and the frustration of tracking down this long out-of-print kit.

On the order list is the new RG Destiny, MG Unicorn Full Armour, PG Char’s Zaku II and the new Valvrave kits. I’ve really been enjoying the Valvrave anime and the pictures of the kits look superb, although I reckon I’m going to need to do a fair bit of masking on their paint job.

I’ve added Beargguy to the order list as my 5yr old wants to build it! She’s had some success with the Pokemon kits so I think we’re in for a fun time!

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