1/100 UC Kshatriya 2

Time to look at paint for Kshatriya. I wanted to go with a more subdued green (for the most part) and to use Tamiya paints (thinned with lacquer thinner) as they’re stronger than the Createx pearl green that I used on the Elyn Kshatriya. Here’s the paint test strip – looks like it’ll be “Cockpit Green” for the main colour! Some of the smaller parts are now ready for painting. These attach the binders. Small details have been made as separate pieces to allow for easy painting. The binders attach with these resin parts. I’ve drilled out the end and put a (supplied) brass pin in. Primer and more primer….  Test paint for colours. The masking tape pulled a little, so I had to strip. The matt Tamiya paint really needs a good top coat of Future to stop the tape pulling. More test fitting on the backpack. Test assembly on the legs. The side sections are pinned for easy removal. Knee in progress. The knee armour is in two sections. There’s an obvious “bump” on the leg where the lower knee section is to join, but the fit isn’t that great. I drilled a pin through and that holds it all tight. For the upper knee I put a sheet of plasticard on the back and built a small section onto the leg to “grip” it. Yes, I could just glue it all in place, but this seems more elegant.   More primer. I’m going through a lot of primer….The main body of the binder is solid and strong, but it’s a bit weak where you join on the upper section with a hinge you make from a small section of acrylic rod. As the holes you have to drill out are close to the edge of the resin, I added a U-shaped piece of plasticard to the back to both strengthen and tidy the resin.

 Detail sections look nice – these are the tops of the legs. I’ve filled out their plug a bit so that it will join snug with the stops of the legs and make a very firm connection when glued. These are the pins for the shoulder joints. You have to cut the acrylic rod to length and then use rubber tubing to make the friction fit. I joined the rod in with Milliput.These are the sections hold the binders to the shoulder. The centre pieces have small holes drilled in to take the pins I added earlier. The other ends also now have pins added that will go into the binders and help them glue right in place and with a strong bond.

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