1/100 UC Kshatriya 3

Progress is slow on Kshatriya.I modified the skirt section parts with very small pieces of plastic to close the hole where the ball of the peg sits. This will make the ball joint actually work rather than the ball just fall out.  On this part, I couldn’t make the ball peg removable, so I just used the plastic to hold it in place with enough force that it will hold position.  Lots of tiny parts getting ready to be painted. Main body getting “cockpit green”. I’ve added some holes in the back for metal pins to better attach the parts to it. There are cast peg holes, but the fit is poor. More nice detail parts with some hand-painting. Back section in a darker green, with gunmetal on the inside. The sleeves got a nice coat of white paint. To do the black section I used the new Faber Castel pigment pens I just got. And they work well….  I put a layer of Future Finish on when the pen was dry and then went over again with the pen. It took three coats of pen to get the density up to the point where I was happy. But it was easy and stress-free! Lots of parts getting green paint.  Starting work on the legs.  So far, the legs are the most complete part I’ve been working on. I like how the hand-painted detail is looking. I used small strips of silver tape to add the details on the thigh section. I hand painted a small ring of silver paint where the arms will join on. Test assembly of the legs. Leg with armour section. I also used the silver tape here too. It looks good. The small details are hand painted. For the darker green sections I’m masking and then airbrushing on Tamiya Nato Green.And I finally got the side parts on too.

The feet are causing me bother. I’m finding it hard to stick them together and I’ll need to do more pinning to get a secure fit. This is tricky as there’s no obvious way to pin the front green section onto the foot, so I’m slowly working forward with some ideas there….

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  1. Thanks Johan! K is still sitting on my desk. I’ve not done any work on it in a while. It’s a much trickier kit than I thought it would be and takes a lot of extra energy to get the best out of it.

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