1/100 Graze part 2

Continuing on with Graze, I put Alcald grey primer on all the armour pieces while I continued to work on the frame.The plastic on the armour pieces was a bit “sharper” when I snipped it out than the frame. Thinking more on the plastic types, the frame plastic reminds me a little of the Bandai RG frame plastic.  I decided that while I was on, I’d add in some hand-painted gold details on the frame. Once the Future Finish was nicely dry, it was time to start with the oil paints. I’m trying to keep the oils very thin, and for organic edges to the rust I’m adding the oil wet-in-wet by first painting an area roughly with mineral spirits so that when the oil paint is added it flows and disperses. Here I started on the arm. This is a new step I’m working on for the oil paint technique so the frame is perfect as if it doesn’t quite work right, it’ll be mostly covered up with the armour. The oil is working well on the torso… …and back Once the upper section was dry, I went and added the same burnt sienna oil paint to the legs. And when that was dry I went in and added more on the top section. It’s hard to do a lot at once and it really helps to keep re-visiting sections. This is the tube of oil paint I’m using. It’s ancient. After a few more rounds the rust is nicely spreading all over the frame. I went in with tiny drops of cadmium orange where I felt the rust was strongest. I also worked a bit more rust onto the chest area… …and the tops of the legs.And now things are starting to look reasonable. Keeping the oil paint very thin seems to work well, and ensuring the piece is wet with mineral spirits leads to a very organic edge to the rust. I think this frame needs a lot more rust, but I’ll let today’s work dry before deciding exactly where I want to go next.

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