1/100 Graze

After the clean build on the Zeong, I’m back on the path of oil paints with the 1/100 Graze. I picked this kit up when it came out. I’ve not previously built one of these 1/100 kits, but judging off the parts runners and instructions it looks like it should be interesting.The first thing I noticed was how soft the plastic for the frame was. It’s not polycap soft, but it’s not brittle like ABS and it doesn’t feel like typical styrene. Neither does it feel (or smell) like the softer plastic you can often get in Chinese kits. Interesting…. The gates are very fine and only leave tiny nubs. They’re not quite as fine as what you get on Bandai’s LBX kits, but they’re very clean and easy to work with. Nice. And a pair of working pistons for detail. Wow! Nice touch Bandai! The main body of the frame is Tamiya gunmetal. I’m using the Alclad polished aluminium, brass, copper and gold for the accents. Here’s the frame mostly assembled. I used Alclad polished aluminium lightly all-over the complete frame just to brighten it up a bit. By not going too heavily, you leave some variation to the metallic gunmetal in areas the spray doesn’t reach and the overall effect is realistic rather than metallic over-the-top.  Here I’m adding a little more Alclad polished aluminium.  Now the frame gets a good coat of Future Finish to make for a protective layer for the subsequent oil paints. The gun is nicely detailed, and again, it gets a good coat of Future Finish so that I can safely apply an oil wash.I hand painted the eye with gold paint decanted from a Gundam Marker. Now for everything to dry. I’ll be able to work on oil weathering of the frame while I cut out and prime the armour pieces.

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