Hi-Resolution Barbatos Complete

Hi-Resolution Barbatos is a strange and expensive beast, that’s also a fine looking Gundam!A002_C001_0404EH_001 The frame is gorgeous, with nice articulation and loads of detail. What’s disappointing is that you don’t get to build it yourself.A002_C002_04045Y_001If you built the frame yourself, this would have to be one of the nicest 1/100 Gundam kits available. Because the frame is pre-built, it because more of a curiosity. A002_C003_04041M_001 I didn’t do my usual paint job on this kit, preferring just to go with the nice “special finish” on most of the armour parts, although I did find that the “special finish” is not as strong as I’d have liked it to be and ended up re-painting the blue armour parts.A002_C004_0404FE_001 The frame is strong enough to hold the big gun nicely.A002_C005_040498_001 Some of the joints are loose (like the knees) and the hip joints are really stiff. The arm joints are somewhere in-between.A002_C006_040480_001 There’s fantastic detail with the working hydraulic pistons.A002_C007_0404YE_001The backpack gimmick is pretty cool, and the overall design is fantastic. A002_C009_0404PW_001Bandai – nice try. But no. It’s a model kit, so let me build it. Please.

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