1/100 UC Kshatriya 4

So after a bit of a break, (check out www.thepolymusicon.com for what I’ve been working on) I’m back trying to complete this resin kit of Kshatriya.

I looked at the sleeve pieces I’d painted and found that the paint had cracked! But it looks kinda cool, so I’m leaving it as is.

A bit of hand painting finished off the back piece.

And now I could assemble the chest section. The fit is a bit less than perfect, but fortunately it’s all hidden when it assembles.

Next I built up a display base to support the kit. I put a small brass pin in the end of the plastic base so that the kit is firmly held in place.

Test assembly of the legs .

Checking the arms and shoulder sections fit ok.

I’m still finding this a rather tricky kit to put together. I’m hopeful it’ll come together and look great though!

One thought on “1/100 UC Kshatriya 4”

  1. Good to have your Updates back GN!!
    ‘Big K’ looks as if it is coming together nicely, if not quite how you intended. The marbling ‘happy accident’ effect is very pleasing.
    Hope the rest of the kit comes together OK.

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