1/1 DG-001LN Usagear

I love the cute Hoi Hoi San figures. They’re adorable and so is the concept of how they kill bugs.A002_C001_0623CN_001Other than the face, I fully painted this kit. The wheels are Tamiya gunmetal with a coat of Tamiya smoke on top, and a flat coat.A002_C002_0623I9_001The neck eaters were done with Tamiya orange, and Tamiya gunmetal for the cutting edge. A002_C003_062306_001 The hair is Createx pearl white with a drop or two of Tamiya purple added. I used a semi-gloss Alclad top coat.A002_C004_0623YI_001The body is painted with Alclad white primer and the pink details and pieces are Createx pearl or irridescent (and I can’t pick exactly which but I think it was some fuchsia that I decanted and pre-thinned).

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