1/144 Barbatos

1/144 Barbatos is a great kit. It’s not perfect, but there’s masses of detail and it goes together well. I love that you get the massive hammer with it, as well as the sword.A001_C001_0621L5_001 I’m pretty happy with the mods and the beat-up rusty look. A001_C003_0621ZS_001 It’s so nice to get a frame with an HG kit, although given the design of Barbatos, it’s a necessity, not a luxury.A001_C004_06218W_001 The articulation is pretty good. The left foot isn’t flat…A001_C006_0621YZ_001…but you have the articulation necessary to alter the angle of the ankle to allow for flat feet. Nice. A001_C009_0621VR_001 There’s enough articulation to just about reach back and grab the sword.A001_C010_062123_001 I’m really happy with the chipping and rusting. Barbatos looks like he’s been left lying around for a while with no maintenance, but ready to spring into action.A001_C013_062114_001

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