1/100 MG Zeong Part 2

Last time we left the MG Zeong with only a few more parts to complete.The thrusters assembled easily and look fantastic because of how they’re made. I really like it when parts are separated like this to allow for easy detailing.  So much nice detail. It makes the rest of the kit look rather plain.It looks wonderful with all the thrusters in place.  My plan was to keep the deepest parts dark and slowly get brighter until we reach the bright shiny aluminium thrusters. I’m happy it worked out! Now all assembled, here comes Dark Zeong! I really like how the stand allows you to position the model. And the stand keeps that wonderful skirt section reasonably visible.

MG Zeong is a fun old-style kit. There’s some very good detail and parts separation, but a bit low on some of the exterior armour detail.

No “nice” pictures yet. My photo area is gone until I can do some renovations in the house, but once that’s complete I should be set up to take some very nice pictures of the models once again.

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