1/100 MG Turn X Concept-X 6-1-2 Gundam

 This is another kit I bought a while back and never got around to building. It was my intention to do the green armour similar to how I painted MG Geara Doga but with recent experimentation with oil paint effects, the path I’m taking is going to be a little different… I started with the large Weapons Platform back-pack. I used Alclad grey primer, and then went over the piece with Tamiya weathering master oil stain. Future Finish top coat will hold the oil stain in place and make a great base for the colour paint layer to come. The frame pieces were all painted with Tamiya gunmetal and a nice layer (not too thick) of Alclad chrome. Once the chrome was dry I put on a thin layer of Future Finish and started work with the Tamiya weathering master. Oil stain went all over the pieces. It really dirties them up nicely and makes the metal look real. I used the burnt red on the edges to add a rust effect. To hold it all in place, another layer of Future Finish was added. The green armour pieces got the same Alclad grey primer treatment as the back-pack, along with a nice dose of Tamiya weathering master oil stain.  For the colour paint, I used a thin blue paint I’d made up for GunHed putting it on a little heavier to get the deeper blue. This paint is mostly transparent so that you can see the weathering master coming through.  With all the blue backpack pieces done, another layer of Future Finish is added to protect the acrylic paint ahead of oil painting. For the green armour pieces I quickly mixed up some thin green paint, starting with some Future Finish, adding drops of Createx transparent green, Createx pearl green, and some light grey and payne’s grey airbrush paint. Then I thinned it further with Tamiya thinner. I needs to be thin so as not to obscure the weathering master oil stain details.  I started some of the weathering with Tamiya weathering master silver With all the back-pack pieces done, they’re ready for more Future Finish. Here the feet are getting a black oil paint wash. With the green armour pieces dry, and protected with a layer of Future Finish, I’m using black artists oil paint for the panel lining.  And black oil paint on the back-pack too! With the oil paint dry, I just used my thumb or a cotton bud to rub it off leaving the paint in the panel lines. With a quick assembly of the arms, they’re ready for a protective coat of Future Finish.  After more assembly, the sections are taken over to the airbrush station to get some protective layers of Future Finish. I’m not worrying about the clear parts yet because the they’ll be fine until I decide to use a flat coat. The arms really look nice and you can see how nice the dirty chrome looks.  I love the panel line details on this kit! On this close-up of the arm you can see how the burnt red accumulated on the edges giving a nice rust effect. I used a lot of black oil paint on the back of the back-pack. The transparent pieces look great on the back-pack. Now for the legs! Very interesting – like no other Gundam leg I’ve ever built! There’s a wonderful asymmetry about them. As the sections are completed, they all go over for more Future Finish.

Once all the Future Finish is nicely dry, I’ll look at the decals before thinking on the oil paint rust weathering. I’ll be doing something similar to GunHed and Muv-Luv.

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  1. Thanks! I did a quick assembly the the modular nature of the mech meant it went together really easily and those legs are really stable to hold the weight of the backpack. I’ll look at the next stages on the oil paint when I get back from my trip.

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