1/144 Barbatos part 3

Now to what is getting to be my favourite part of a build – adding the oil paint.DSC00982 I’m following a similar path to what I took on the Muv-Luv build using oil paint thinned with mineral spirits to build up the rusting effect.DSC00983 First I spread on some very thin paint. This wets the area and can also produce an interesting effect on its own. I choose areas where the chipping is strong, or where water would collect for the oil paint.DSC00984 When the thin paint has dried a little, I use my small brush to pull up some of the thicker oil paint from the jar and dab it on to build up the effect. Once that has dried a little, I’ll go back and dab on some more. This paint needs to have some density to it so that you get build up, but it also needs to be wet enough to flow a little and thus produce a natural looking effect.DSC00985 Once that first pass has dried, you can go and examine how well it has worked. With luck, most of what you’ve done will look like realistic rust. If not, you have a number of options:

  • You can wipe the paint off that area and start again. Because I put down a nice coat of Future Finish and let it dry hard, the oil paint wipes cleanly off.
  • Add more dabs of thicker oil paint to build up the effect.
  • Add some wetter oil paint to break up any unnaturally hard edges.
  • Use a stiff brush to blend edges or take off some of the density of the oil paint.

DSC00986 I find it tricky to not be too mechanical about the oil placement. Because the models are mostly symmetrical, what logic will lead you to place a spot of rust on one half can lead you to place another similar spot on the opposite side. That’s ok in places, but going too symmetrical would not look best, so even when I find that happening I’ll alter the density or pattern of the splotch, or how it spread around the edges, or how large an area it covers.DSC00987 Taking pictures really helps. Looking at  the photographs I can see more objectively where the paint effects work. This oil paint stage is mostly non-destructive and you can always wipe off and start again if you go on too strong.DSC00988I like how the cut-outs I added to this kit give good anchor spots for the rusting. I’m really looking forwards to seeing how this kit looks when the painting is complete.

Next stage is to let this layer of oil paint dry and do any touch-ups or alterations. Once I’m happy I’ll put on another layer of Future Finish, let that dry and then look to see if any more oil paint is needed to complete the weathering process.


And yes, I know Gundams are made of a metal that doesn’t rust. My Gundams however do rust because rust looks really cool. Ok.

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