1/144 Gundam Barbatos

I don’t think I’m the only person enjoying the new Gundam anime – Iron Blooded Orphans, but it’s taken me a while to get to the kits, not least after first seeing the Barbatos design I had ideas of what to do with it.DSC07648

Upon seeing that even the HG kits came with a decent amount of frame detail, my idea was to cut away a few more areas of the white armour. On each of the pieces here on the armour I’ve cut away sections, and I don’t think I’m completely there yet and may be cutting away more than what is seen here.DSC07649 The legs have their logo area cut away, and I enlarged a little of the hole, and emphasized some of the lines with scribing. I’m still thinking to cut more away on here, but I’ve not quite decided where yet.DSC07650 Some small cut outs here only.DSC07651 I cut out the panels at the end.DSC07652 Logo cut out.DSC07653 I’ve done the most work on the shoulder pieces, cutting out the logo and the small hexagons and also put more emphasis on the lines that define the shape of the shoulder.DSC07654I also started painting the frame and weapons. The frame has Tamiya gunmetal all over, with hand painted gold details. On the weapons I sprayed on Uschii powder, which I’ll buff up later.


DSC08255I continued working on the cut-outs on the legs, adding in a hexagonal section at the front, and two either side at the ankle.

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