Lego Doctor Who TARDIS set

Set #011 from Lego Ideas is Doctor Who TARDIS. The box is quite small, but packed with pieces and a rather hefty instruction manual.DSC07394The box is a bit small to lay out the pieces for easy finding, so a baking tray came in handy! DSC07395First up, I made up the Minifigs – Clara, Doctor (Capaldi), Doctor (Smith) and a Weeping Angel. DSC07397 The instructions begin with the base of the inside of the TARDIS. I thought it good to take a picture here as you can’t really see this bit once the model is complete. It’s nice though that there’s good detail throughout the kit, not just in areas more easily visible.DSC07398 The concept of the kit is that to show the TARDIS being bigger on the inside than the outside, that the Police Box can open up to attach and act as the doorway to the console room, and that’s what the axel piece is for. I really like this concept and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all comes together.DSC07399 There’s the odd piece that seems an interesting colour choice throughout the build. Of course, blue its in with the colour scheme, so it’s not completely out-there, and does add a bit of variety.DSC07401Nice use of the ladder to make a stairway. DSC07403Onwards to building the central time-rotor. DSC07404Great use of parts to make the shape and keep it interesting. It’s clever how the hexagonal structure is started here for the console base. DSC07407 Each console section is a little different. The detail pieces are all printed on, so no nasty stickers to worry about.DSC07408 Once complete, the console really does have the right feel.DSC07411 Attaching the side control panels and railings was a touch tricky. Then I realized I had a piece on the wrong-way-around, and then it all went together.DSC07412 The instructions take a nice break at this point, getting you to build two Daleks before moving on to the famous blue Police Box itself. The Daleks are rather cute and cleverly use the Lego studs as “Dalek Bumps”.DSC07413 To get the feel of the Police Box just right, there’s some interesting use of bricks to set the walls inset from the base and use of windows to make the walls and corner pillars. Again, the graphics are pre-printed and look great.DSC07415 It’s a cute idea to reverse the printing on the door to make it the view from the inside.DSC07416 Complete, you really do get the right feel from this model. The Police Box signage is great, and rather ingenious how they rotate to allow the box to open.DSC07417 Another view of the Police Box before getting all the pieces together.DSC07418First, the console room and Police Box together, DSC07419Then opening up the box and attaching to the console room.  DSC07421 Two Doctors! Both with Sonic Screwdrivers. Watch out – there’s a Weeping Angel. Don’t blink!DSC07422 Daleks are coming, but are defeated by a flight of stairs.DSC07423 The monitor screens look great, but oh such a shame they’re not attached to a rotating section.DSC07424Well, what a fun kit this is. It’s a much nicer kit than the previous Lego Ideas kit I built, and seems reasonably sturdy in how it is put together. There’s great attention to detail, and nice how you get a selection of monsters too, although the design of the Daleks does make then a little big to fit nicely into the scene. Perhaps Cybermen Minifigs would have worked better? That said, the Daleks look great!

If you like Doctor Who, this is a fantastic kit to get.

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