1/60 PG Unicorn part 6

The head turned out to be a little harder to assemble than I’d have liked, but the real key is to read through the steps of the instructions very very carefully and don’t miss steps. Also, I’d advise leaving the back plate off until the end as otherwise it’s easy to scratch and mark. I had to remove mine to re-paint it, and then I see that for the final step of attaching the head to the body, it has you remove it anyway….DSC01875 The little magnets in the horn seem to work well to hold it together. I carefully masked the gold side and painted the rest.DSC01876 I kept the same colour scheme going for the head, using the grey in places, and (although not visible until I transform the kit) the eye-mask in dark grey/blue.DSC01877 The backpack was a pretty quick assembly. There’s still the odd detail to add in, but it’s essentially complete.DSC01885 Now for ultraviolet light testing! Where the psycho-frame pokes through you can see how it glows, but just look how the green fluorescent paint lights up!DSC01888 I didn’t do every detail in the green fluorescent, just adding it sparingly. It would be easy to go overboard with the effect, although the green does work very well against the grey and white.DSC01889 I just added the green details in on a few areas on the feet and legs.DSC01890 And a few areas on the arms too.DSC01893 What is really quite nice is how this kit holds its pose.DSC01894 DSC01895 I just love the detail, especially on the legs.DSC01896 The head has great proportionsDSC01897 The knee joints have wonderful detail, especially when you spend all that time to do the masking!DSC01898 Again under the UV light, you can really see the details on the back of the legs.DSC01899 The LED power cable connector really glow!!DSC01901 DSC01903 DSC01904 With the main lights back on, you can see how tasteful the green looks and works with the grey/blue/white paint.DSC01905 DSC01906 Plugging in the LED system, first press of the button powers up just the head.DSC01907 And the next press powers up the rest of the psychoframe. Wow!DSC01908Leaving the LEDs on and adding in the UV light really shows how nice the LED system looks and how well it works.

5 thoughts on “1/60 PG Unicorn part 6”

  1. Thanks! I’m going to await completion of the kit before I do the transform. I’m always nervous about transforming kits and I’ve still never transformed my MG Unicorn!

    I’ve ordered some water-slide decals (because I don’t want the full armour pack just to get the decals) and I’ve started work on the weapons.

  2. Where did u order the water-slide from? Samuel Decal? I don’t think I will get the Full Armor pack just for the decals too.

  3. Yes, I ordered from Samuel Decal https://www.facebook.com/Samueldecal?fref=ts

    I did the Full Armour on the MG and it was an endless repetitive build and the fuel tanks and extra guns don’t really do that much for the look of the kit other than make it more cumbersome and space-consuming. I’m happier putting the work into making fewer weapons look really good!

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