1/60 PG Unicorn part 7

Next up on this epic build are the weapons. Carrying the theme through I’m using the same combination of paints that I’ve used for the mech, just with a bias in the opposite direction, making most pieces gunmetal, with white and grey accents and details done with the three shades of grey/blue.DSC01911The ammo packs are painted with the medium grey blue. DSC01912 I used the lighter grey/blue for the details and added a couple of dots of fluorescent green.DSC01913 Because this piece slides through, it’s important it’s a tough paint, and the white works well here for visual contrast.DSC01914 These covers are done with the darkest grey/blue.DSC01915 A lot more masking for these details!DSC01916 And some very fine masking to add some polished aluminium details.DSC01917Nearly complete! I added some fluorescent yellow around the barrel. DSC01918 I used the fluorescent green on the inside of the lens.DSC01919 While I was on hand painting I added some Tamiya smoke to these polished aluminium sections of the back pack.DSC01920 The backpack looks somewhat strange without the beam sabres in place.DSC01921 I love these ammo packs.DSC01948 Now for the bazooka and I’m pleased to be doing only the one rather than doubling up as with the Full Armour Unicorn. That gives me the time to put the effort into masking these pieces.DSC01949 I ended up using two layers of masking so that I could paint the ribs in the medium grey/blue and the end with the darker grey/blue.DSC01950 I thought these curves were going to be tricky to mask, and they were, but patience conquers!DSC01951 Carrying the theme through I used the same two grey/blue colours on the barrel end.DSC01952 And to keep the theme going with the other gun, this section that houses the lens was done with the lightest grey/blue.DSC01955 DSC01956 DSC01957 DSC01958 Here’s the finished bazooka in detail. I used grey primer for the extending barrel section and for the details on either side, and for the sliding section at the back. The front of the barrel detail was done with polished aluminium over the gunmetal, and then I went back and hand-painted the gunmetal in the holes as that was easier than masking.DSC01959 The shells that go in the magazine were painted with Alclad brass, and I went and hand-painted in the gunmetal around them. Again, this was a lot easier than trying to mask.DSC01960As with the other gun, I used the fluorescent green behind the lens.

Now onto the remaining guns and the shield!

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