1/72 Zoids Zero Liger Part 2

Completing the head, I could see this was going to be a great build.dsc02761I was unsure about the colour scheme, but I could see that the dark grey was really going to work well once I got these first sections assembled.dsc02762 I was also happy with how the darkened gold looked.dsc02763 It’s hard to see, but I actually missed a piece of the frame on this build of the chest section. Later on I had to half disassemble it to put the piece in place!dsc02764 One really nice thing about this kit is that the little detail pieces of hydraulics and the like are separate pieces that you can paint and detail before adding to the frame.dsc02765 I used small dots of gold Gundam marker paint on the frame pieces. All the frame pieces took a black oil wash to bring out their details.dsc02766 dsc02767 Detail is everywhere on this kit!dsc02769The underside looks great with all the metallic tones. dsc02770 There’s just a mass of detail everywhere on this kit. I love it. And the panel lines are really well formed making the oil washes an absolute pleasure.dsc02771 These parts have a nice mechanism to allow them to open up.dsc02772 dsc02773 Once they get added to the main body, you can really start to see the kit taking shape.dsc02775 The legs are very detailed and an intricate build, with lots of small detail parts to be added. I pre-painted all the detail parts so once assembly time came it was quick and easy to put it all together. The pipe sections on the legs were all painted with Tamiya clear red over the gunmetal base.dsc02776 dsc02778 I used the Alclad copper for these detail pieces where the armour attaches.dsc02779 You get two nice waterslide decals which I’d added to the armour earlier, making assembly quick and easy. Watch out for the claws though – they’re sharp!dsc02780 The pre-painted figure for the cockpit was a really nice touch.dsc02781 And Liger Zero is complete! For the tail I decided to use more of the Alclad copper paint and I darkened it down a bit with Tamiya smoke so it didn’t stand out too much.dsc02782 I’m really happy how the whole colour scheme hangs together.dsc02783I left the frame glossy for the metallic shine, but the armour was top coated with Alclad light sheen.

5 thoughts on “1/72 Zoids Zero Liger Part 2”

  1. These things really are a blast to build. I did a HMM Liger Zero Jaeger for my first one, and it turned out really awesome. Kinda want to build another at some point, like maybe a Red Blade Liger

  2. Sorry double post but I never realized that tamiya clear color could look so good on gunmetal, which is already my favorite tamiya paint.

    Will definitely use this on detailing.

  3. Tamiya gunmetal always goes on really well and is very useful. And yes, I love to use the Tamiya clear colours for detailing. If you look back at my PG Zaku II, I did the same thing there and it came out great.

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