Liko Figure-Rise Bust

I enjoyed both seasons of Active Raid, but the star of the show is Liko, a computer search agent who also stars on the end credits.dsc02784Liko is one of Bandai’s new range of Figure-Rise busts. I have also got the Macross Delta Walkure busts to build, but I thought I’d give Liko a go first.dsc02785 The colour part separation on Liko is good, but not great. Many pieces are moulded in their colours, but some details require stickers. I decided to paint the details rather than use the stickers.dsc02787 One of the best parts of the kit is how the face and eyes are how co-moulded colour plastics are used to produce the colours. This makes the eyes lovely and vibrant. The “skin” plastic used has a nice finish and doesn’t require painting.dsc02790 For the hair, I just used Alclad flat, and that looked good. I painted the white pieces with Tamiya white, masked the torso for the white and black sections, hand painted in some chrome and Tamiya clear blue over the top. I also hand painted the chrome under the busts using decanted paint from a Tamiya paint marker.dsc02791The kit goes together really well and the end result is as cute as the anime character.

It’s such a shame the colour separation wasn’t greater, though. For instance, there are two very tiny black pieces for the detail on the torso, but the black pieces in the centre under the busts are actually separate pieces. It would have been so nice if the white torso sections were pieces as they were a complete pain to mask!

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