April Picture Update

Hoi Hoi San Costume Change

First up we have Hoi Hoi San in her “Costume Change” kit form.A008_C001_0403C4_001 No WIP on this kit. I’m waiting on new Alclad grey primer to arrive so I wanted to work on a kit that wouldn’t take too much time, or need grey primer. The painted parts were all done with Alclad white primer, which worked really well. I could leave the primer unpainted for the white sections, masking as appropriate to add the details on the guns.A008_C002_04031W_001 A008_C005_0403CJ_001 I used Tamiya Gunmetal for the black pieces on the hairband, darkened down with Tamiya Smoke. Alclad chrome detailed with a few drops of Tamiya smoke really helps the speaker section on the headband stand out.A008_C007_04034L_001 I used neon green Createx paint for the shoe laces.A008_C008_0403EM_001 A008_C003_0403R0_001As some of the parts are pre-painted, you can, for the most part, just assemble this kit, although the weapons really benefit from painting. I did carefully hand paint some of the nubs that show white from the pre-painted pieces though, and some drops of blue on the nubs of the dark blue pieces just to disguise them.

Patlabor Helldiver

A008_C009_0403HO_001 I’m really happy how the weathering came out on this guy!A008_C011_04036A_001 The kit itself is rather basic and shows its age.A008_C012_0403MJ_001 There’s some nice details to get into though!A008_C013_0403F1_001 A008_C014_0403UJ_001 A008_C015_0403TQ_001

Mechanicore Zerstore

A008_C016_04031Y_001 He’s big…A008_C017_0403DM_001 He’s detailed….A008_C018_04037X_001 But don’t try to pose it! Even just carrying him over to get photographed he feels delicate.A008_C020_0403A1_001 I love the level of detail. A008_C022_0403R1_001 A008_C023_0403DQ_001 A008_C024_0403JD_001 A008_C025_0403Z7_001 A008_C026_0403TB_001 But hate the contractions gotchas.A008_C027_04035E_001 A008_C028_04039H_001 A008_C029_04032E_001

DM Launcher Strike & Sword Strike

A008_C030_0403O3_001 I’ve got to say I’m happy how these two kits came out and how they look together.A008_C032_0403YI_001 Masses of detail, and I really like the design of the weapon packs.A008_C033_0403BO_001 A008_C034_04036Z_001 A008_C035_04033U_001 A008_C036_04032K_001 A008_C031_0403Z6_001 The Sword is big, but the Launcher is huge! Love it!A008_C037_0403MQ_001 A008_C038_0403FC_001 A008_C039_0403Z6_001 A008_C040_0403MM_001 A008_C041_0403WD_001 The arm that holds the Launcher is well designed and you can get the mech to hold the gun quite well.A008_C042_0403EU_001


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