Finishing up Big K: 1/100 Kshatriya

Yes, Big K has been a long time coming…. I’ve had real issues with the paint sticking to the resin, making masking a real pain and many pieces had to be redone. So rather than drive myself to frustration, I gave the kit a rest and now I’ve come back to finish it.

The binders and their details look great. The construction went together reasonably well, with some slight fit issues I had to solve with just a little bit of force, but not too bad at all.  Getting all the binders done was the final step before assembly. I’d put pins in the binders to allow for reasonable strength, but even still I got some help to put the kit together.  Done, it’s pretty darn impressive.

But I don’t trust the pinning, so for display, I’ve taken the binders off for now. I may look at getting them back on safely for some proper photos, but for now, Big K lives!

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