PG Char’s Zaku II part 6

Being a Perfect Grade, this kit has some really nice detail sections, and given the articulating armour pieces there’s good visibility of them on the final model, making effort here very worthwhile.SAM_9995All the vernier thrusters have really good detail sections representing fuel lines and associated rocketry components. I decided upon using a mix of the Tamiya clear red and yellow for the cylindrical sections adjoining the nozzles. The pipes for the fuel and oxygen are in clear red and clear blue respectively. I have no idea which pipe would really go where, so I just painted them with a symmetry that looked visually appealing to me.SAM_9996 Carrying the colour scheme I’d chosen for the hydraulics through to these pieces for the feet, I used the mix of Tamiya clear red and yellow over the Alclad chrome for the top sections, handing painting in some Tamiya clear red details. I’ll add similar details in the clear red to the remaining hydraulic sections throughout the model.SAM_9997Here’s a close up of the finished rocket motors. I added some work with the Rapidograph pen along the detail lines and used the Tamiya Weathering Master oil stain all over the piece.

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