PG Char’s Zaku II part 7

The weapons were now ready to assemble!SAM_9999The gun was assembled then received another coat of Tamiya gun metal over the nub removal marks.SAM_9998 The Heat Hawk had it’s clear plastic part painted with Tamiya clear yellow, and just the edge was done with Tamiya clear red. I did attempt to pain the purple sections with a mix of the Tamiya clear red and blue, but that turned brown rather than purple and looked rather ugly. I removed that paint, and luckily my masked chrome areas (Tamiya 6mm masking tape is working great) were fine, so I just got out my Tamiya purple and put a good coat on the parts.SAM_0003 I thought it about time to actually start on some of the main skeleton construction. I was keen to see how my Alclad chrome plus Tamiya smoke would look, and I’m very happy. It’s quite a realistic look with the smoke looking like oil over polished metal. The colours on the hydraulics stand out nice, and the little colour details I’ve added to some of the skeleton parts don’t stand out, blending in nicely.SAM_0004 It looks like there’s going to be some very good articulation on this kit, although these shoulder and upper-arm pieces were very tricky to put together. This isn’t like a Master Grade or modern Perfect Grade at all, especially with the tiny screws holding sections together.SAM_0005 Here’s both weapons together and assembled.SAM_0006 The red on the clear parts works well and looks great!SAM_0008 The shading on the Heat Hawk really adds to the feel of this weapon. I’m pleased I broke up the main handle with the chrome, otherwise I think it would look a bit naff.SAM_0009Perhaps the most charming part of this kit so far is the magazine on the machine gun. This level of detail is ludicrous but fun, although the top of the magazine was a pain to remove so I doubt we’ll be seeing this internal detail very often.

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