Now onto the PG I’ve so long waited to build. Why wait so long? Partly because I wanted to do this kit justice, and partly as I wanted a good concept for the paint job.The box is massive…. And contains two smaller boxes,…which have great artwork showing the the kit off nicely.

For the paint concept, I came up with the idea that this mech was used once and left in storage. While abandoned, the hanger framework deteriorates and rusts, and the mech just got a bit dirty as it’s made of sterner stuff, maybe a little unprepared wear from its initial testing.

With that in mind, I started with the framework…

After test assembly, I began paint tests. But before starting to paint the framework, I tested the Vallejo chipping medium with the colours I intended to use just to re-familiarize myself with how it works as it’s quite a while since I’ve last used it.

 To add texture to the framework pieces, I used some Squadron putty that I added some Tamiya lacquer thinner to. With the consistency just right, I took small sponge pieces and attacked the plastic. The higher areas of the framework got a light touch of texture, whereas the  lower areas and around the base got a heavier amount of texture. I concentrated the texture on the joining pieces rather than the beams.The other pieces of the framework section got similar treatment, but very light on the texture, if at all. I really enjoyed texturing up the cherry-picker buckets.  Painting the rust took a while, just because there’s so much kit and you have to do it in sections to cover it all. The rust paint on the texture is looking good, which bodes well for the finished result.

On top of the rust paint went a couple of layers of Future Finish varnish, and then a couple of light coats of Vallejo Chipping medium.

The girder sections were topped with a dark grey paint mix, and I used Tamiya Lemon Yellow for the detail sections on the cherry picker arms and buckets.

Chipping went very well on the smooth girder sections and less so on the rough pieces. Still, the results look good. The Tamiya yellow paint is quite tough and I had to pick at it to get the chipping working.  Once pieces had been chipped, it was time for the oil paint!
 I doug out my old tube of Burnt Sienna, added more mineral spirits and began! The trick is to get the piece damp with either very thin paint or with just the mineral spirits. Then you can drop on slightly thicker paint which will spread and flow and make realistic looking rust. Yes, I really enjoy this bit of the process!  And the results are great. I added tiny amounts of Cadmium Orange oil paint which really helped to sell the rust effect. As a stage was completed I sealed the work with Future Finish so I could safely add more layers of oil.

 Here you can see what the effect of adding the Cadmium Orange is. If it comes out a bit strong, you can just add a little Burnt Sienna on top to mellow it.  I drybrushed some sections with Vellojo Steel paint to add some highlights for the rust to pick up on.  Assembled, everything go Future Finish followed by Alclad Flat.


Now onto the mech! I started with the red body pieces, and for a change I did some mild pre-shading with Tamiya Gunmetal over the Alclad grey primer.With a nice layer of Createx pearl red on top, I started to paint very thin layers of Tamiya Clear Red, but for a change I thinned it with their lacquer thinner. This seems to work well and produced a nice finish.

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