PG 00 Raiser

Eating into my kit backlog one kit at a time. The 00 Raiser has been on the shelf for quite a while and now its turn has come…
Starting with the massive box, I’d previously opened it just to have a look at the GN Drives.I masked and painted them with a pearl white, but wasn’t happy with how it looked, so it got stripped and done with a normal plain white. The legs are really complex. I use some Alclad copper and brass for details. Legs finally assembled, I can see the colour choices peeking through are looking great.  I’m not the best at painting the little guys to go in the mech, but they got painted anyway. More brass and copper details on the centre chest section.  At this point I ran out of Tamiya Gunmetal paint….  In my new paint order I picked up some Limonene glue to try. More blue pieces! The blue paint did not go on too well though….Still, the end result is pretty.  The Raiser section transforms, which means the build is a right pain….  And it’s a good size too!  Raiser complete, it’s massive. So happy I got the stand for this kit. And as things are at the moment, I’m not set up for “nice” photos, so that’ll have to wait.

Overall, a fun kit, but over-complex and fiddly. The joints on the arms and legs are clever, but make for a tricky build, and a pain to pose.

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