Life is busy! But that’s a good thing. It just means I don’t have much time for painting or assembling models. I’m working on a kit for a friend, and that’s going to take a while, but I’m sure it’s going to look good. Then I really want to get the Macross Delta kits of the singers done!

So rather than post pictures of kits I’ve not built, I thought I’d post some images from my work. Enjoy!a001_c181_1220xo_001 a001_c172_1220ar_001 a001_c170_1220zm_001 a001_c163_1220gn_001 a001_c158_1220xn_001 a001_c157_12202n_001 a001_c154_1220sh_001 a001_c153_12202f_001 a001_c152_1220pm_001 a001_c149_1220fw_001

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