1/100 MG Gouf part 2

Now onwards to see how the chipping medium is going to work!I want to “chip” in-situ to guide the placement along visible or proud edges, and also to bias the outer sides of pieces or where the armour would rub.

 As I assembled each piece, I found that some edges would be easier to rub with the wet paintbrush before I added them onto the piece. Once the piece was added I worked on more weathering where the chips should join across pieces.  The Createx pearl blue worked better than the darker iridescent blue, but both are quite delicate and didn’t need much water to start to come off. I mostly used a small stiff brush, but also added smallest details with the pointy end of a stick.  The feet have sections that I painted with Tamiya gunmetal and smoke, so I’ll have to weather them separately.  The legs have taken the most weathering. You can well imagine them taking a beating in the harsh environments and battle. I took care to weather in the inside of the back of the leg too, not just concentrating on the outside. The backpack had a top coat of Alclad polished aluminium over the rust layer and chipping medium. It came off very very easily and I can see this looking really good once the oil paints are added in. The legs assembled. I do like the white chip layer, but it looks way too clean at the moment. The oil paint layer will fix that. Yes, I think it’s looking quite promising. The arms look great. I kept the weathering light, and there’s none under the shoulders as they’re protected. I’ve let the front horns take the brunt of the damage.  Now for trial assembly. Ok, all looking good and time to get thinking on the oil paints while I cut out and sand all the power-pipe pieces!

One thought on “1/100 MG Gouf part 2”

  1. Looking good so far GN.
    The heavier wear on the legs is a great idea.
    From the overall paint damage, I would guess that the pilot is a righty as that side appears to be favoured .

    Nice I await part 3!!!

    Good to see you back @thebench

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