PG RX-78-2 part 3

Moving onto the legs, they’re a beauty!I really like the clean details and construction, and the colour scheme is working well.  Moving on to the white armour pieces, they all started with a good undercoat of Alclad grey primer. Some pieces had the grey primer masked, so as to produce a two tone paint scheme – grey and white. I copied the grey patterns based on the details on the MG RX-78-2 v3.0.  Lots of masking later….. I then moved onto adding some masked details using Alclad polished aluminium. End result is pretty good! Core Fighter is a touch tricky to assemble but came out nice. I’m not set up at the moment for taking nice photos of the models, but that will come in due course. Next up – PG 00 Riser!

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