RG Strike Freedom

I’ve built of few RG kits since I started Gunpla. None have disappointed me, and the RG Strike Freedom doesn’t either. I built the PG Strike Freedom last year, and it is a great big monster of a kit, but it’s also problematic: the wings are delicate to position and their joint onto the backpack is prone to breaking.

Since I saw the RG version was going to be released, I wanted to build it to improve on what I did for the PG, and to be able to pose it and display its wings to their full.TGN_2078 Starting with the basic mech, it has good detail and stands well. I’m much preferring the darker blue scheme and I think it goes very well with the gold.TGN_2083 There is good part colour differentiation on this kit, but still I think it benefits from the masking to add more.TGN_2084 TGN_2086 TGN_2087 The guns works well and join together solidly. TGN_2088 TGN_2090 And although the rail guns lack the full articulation of the PG, they’re solid and I’m preferring the darker metallic blue that I went with.TGN_2093 TGN_2094 TGN_2096 TGN_2097 Leg articulation works well. I had to add some hand-painted gold details to match up with how the knee on the PG.TGN_2099 What I was unable to do with the PG is properly display the wings. With the RG I really can show off the wings and the extra “Wings of the Sky” pack really adds to the result!TGN_2103 And yes, the model still stands with the wings attached.TGN_2106 The small stand included is a little fiddly, but it comes with clear articulated arms to hold the dragoons.TGN_2107 Here we can clearly see the mottled dark blue, and how nice it looks under the bright light and in contrast to the gold of the wings.TGN_2108 TGN_2109 TGN_2110 TGN_2113 TGN_2116

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  1. http://www.graemenattress.com/rg-strike-freedom/ has all the details of the build.

    The dark blue parts were painted with Tamiya gunmetal, followed in layers by Tamiya clear blue, Tamiya smoke and Createx clear blue paint. I needed all those layers to get the blue dark enough for my liking.

    Because the Createx clear blue went on a little mottled, that’s how we have the texture you’re seeing.

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